We Rescue, Board and Buy Camels

We are located in Central Florida.

Our Farm

Our 40-acre farm is nestled in Seville, Central Florida. While it once served as a haven for cutting horses and cattle, today our focus has shifted to raising cattle, goats, and especially camels.We offer camels a nearly perfect environment. They can freely roam grazing lands as well as brushes and roughage around our natural ponds. We also offer them access to sandy arenas.

What We Do

Our focus is raising cattle, goats, and especially camels. We are committed to building and maintaining a herd of camels that are well-acclimated to the Central Florida environment.We're always open to rescuing camels and offer both short-term and long-term boarding services. Additionally, we are interested in purchasing camels.

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Need to rescue a camel? Like to board camels with us short- or long-term? Want to sell your camel?Please get in contact.

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